Welcome to Episode 4 of the
Alzheimer's and Dementia Summit

Olle Johansson, PhD

Wireless Technology: A Threat to Brain Function

Alarming brain health risks linked to EMF pollution
How the central nervous system reacts to wireless technology
How to protect yourself from WiFi and cell phone radiation

Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS

Oral Infections: Alzheimer’s Disease Warning

How “silver” (mercury-based) fillings threaten brain health
Why most people should avoid root canal procedures
Dangers associated with incorrectly pulled teeth

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Edward F. Group, DC, NP

Root Cause and Solution for Dementia

Why Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are skyrocketing
Overlooked problem with conventional drug treatments
How detoxification can eliminate the symptoms of dementia

Charles Gant, MD, PhD

Link Between Plaque and Dementia

Surprising reason why we form plaque on the brain
How to effectively remove plaque buildup
News about stopping Alzheimer’s disease

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31 expert talks + over $900 in bonuses

Mark Hyman, MD

Why Alzheimer’s is Being Called Type 3 Diabetes

Why experts are calling Alzheimer’s type 3 diabetes
Dr. Hyman explains why dementia is on the rise
Shocking facts about how belly fat affects brain function

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Liver Toxicity Warnings

with Ellen Tart-Jensen, PhD

Ultimately, chronic disease is a result of too many toxins causing too much damage inside the body, especially the liver.  This program will reveal the early warning signs of liver toxicity and, more importantly, how to cleanse the body without unwanted side effects.

The End of Alzheimer's

by Thomas Lewis, PhD

This detailed 450+ page book, will guide you on ways to prevent, slow, or reverse Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. 

In The End of Alzheimer’s, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Trempe:

Explore the disease in detail
Describe a simplified guide through a mountain of emerging science explaining how to obtain a proper diagnosis
Explain the pitfalls and shortcomings of current research and clinical medicine
Include a 5-phase program to PREVENT Alzheimer’s disease
Detail how to diagnose the disease even before symptoms are experienced
Offer disease management and treatments for both those who suffer from Alzheimer's and their caregivers

Healing the Brain

with Paul Nussbaum, PhD

If you’re concerned about dementia or head traumas, this program will prove to be quite valuable. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for brain function and these understandings will help you to heal the brain naturally.

Avoiding Dementia

with Raphael Kellman, MD

Every 3 seconds, someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.  On this program, you’ll discover how to avoid and even REVERSE the signs of dementia years before it’s too late.

Brain Chemistry and Emotional Health

with William Walsh, PhD

Good nutrition is critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy brain and emotional wellbeing.  Yet, Western medicine provides little education on this topic.  This program will offer a hopeful message for anyone suffering with a brain disorder.

Chronic Inflammation Solutions

with Stephen Lewis, DC

Chronic inflammation is clearly at the core of most chronic health issues. This program will focus on the true cause of this condition and what can be done to avoid unwanted health outcomes.

Curing Alzheimer’s

with Thomas Lewis, PhD

Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death and the average annual cost to families is over $300,000! If you know anyone looking to improve their brain function, do NOT miss this program for solutions.

Restoring Cellular Energy

with Sally Schutz, MD

This program reveals WHY cellular energy is crucial to avoiding disease symptoms.  You’ll also discover how to protect and regenerate cellular health for optimal wellbeing. 

Detoxification Mistakes to Avoid

with B.J. Hardick, DC

Discover WHY detoxification is no longer an option, it’s a must.  Plus, you’ll find out many of the biggest mistakes to avoid when trying to remove unwanted toxins from the body.

Urgent EMF Warnings

with Olle Johansson, PhD

This program issues an urgent warning about how electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposures greatly increase the threat of cancer and dementia.  Find out WHY this technology is more dangerous than you can imagine and exactly how to minimize your risk of harm.

Stress Solutions

with Daniel Kalish, IFMCP

Dr. Kalish believes that physical health is our “platform” for emotional and spiritual growth.  If you suffer from chronic stress, this program offers practical advice about how to greatly improve your health.

Releasing Negative Emotions

with Bradley Nelson, PhD

There are trapped negative emotions that block mental and physical healing. If you’re looking to overcome chronic health issues, this program will show you how energy medicine can help you to fully recover naturally.

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