Welcome to Episode 7 of the
Alzheimer's and Dementia Summit

David Minkoff, MD

Link Between Lyme Disease and Alzheimer's

2 underreported reasons for Alzheimer’s disease
How Lyme disease often gets misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s
Dr. Minkoff details his comprehensive healing strategies

Sayer Ji

Stop Memory Loss: The Science Behind Healing

3 top evidence-based natural therapies to avoid memory loss
Hidden environmental threats that trigger memory loss
Shocking dangers associated with conventional drug therapies

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Christopher Exley, PhD

Aluminum Toxicity:
A Major Threat to Brain Health

Why most people should be concerned about aluminum toxicity
Greatest sources of aluminum unrecognized by Western medicine
Inexpensive way to eliminate unwanted aluminum toxicity

Dr. Thomas Janossy

Uncovering the Trigger to Memory Loss

Proof that certain toxins increase the risk of dementia
4 key microbes in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
Dr. Janossy’s “remove/rebuild” brain protocol

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Rick Panson

End Stage Dementia: Reversing Memory Loss

How to naturally reverse 'terminal' dementia
The nutritional plan that restored memory loss
Plus, the most overlooked ingredients for success



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