Welcome to Episode 2 of the
Alzheimer's and Dementia Summit

Eric L. Zielinski, DC

Best Essential Oils for Brain Health

Biggest health issues related to brain disorders
How essential oils help prevent dementia
Best ways to use essential oils (plus, do-it-yourself recipes!)

Bruce Fife, CN, ND

Coconut Oil Therapy: Fueling Brain Vitality

Relationship between Alzheimer’s and blood sugar imbalances
Causes for your brain to become insulin resistant
Why ketones are considered “superfuel” for the brain

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James Maskell

Integrative Medicine:
Solutions for Poor Brain Health

How a poor diet threatens the health of your brain
Value of detoxification for brain health
Developing a healthy brain with integrative medicine

David Jockers, DNM, DC

Advanced Nutritional Strategies
to Improve Brain Function

Find out what a sugary diet does to the brain
Research news revealed about how diet affects the brain
Best diet to reverse neurodegenerative diseases

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Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

Brain Longevity: Power of Meditation

How meditation can help people with dementia
Closer look at how modern living threatens brain health
How “spiritual fitness” can help prevent Alzheimer’s



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